Ash Wednesday is a day for, among other things, reflection. It occurs to me that we in Louisiana take a very different approach to life than most other Americans. Our legal system is the only one in the U.S. based on Napoleonic Code. We have our own music, food, customs, and our own Holiday, Mardi Gras. Most people around the country think it's a one day deal, not realizing it's actually the end of a celebration. On Mondays, I usually receive multiple e-mails from people in the music industry. I received none this Monday, thinking it odd. After all, Lundi Gras isn't a holiday. Oh, yeah...President's Day.  When I returned home from Tuesday's Independent Parade, I opened my e-mail & there was a flood. Business as usual...for them. KTDY & its local sister stations were purchased by an out of state company five years ago. I recall being awakened by an early morning phone call on Ash Wednesday, telling me I was late for a conference call. My response can't be printed here.

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