A local woman had some fun with a scammer, and the scammer finally got fed up and blocked her.

Scammers have taken to Facebook to clone accounts (they download photos from someone's profile and then copy/paste the profile information to make a new account that looks similar to the original account, then send friend requests). Once people accept the Friend Request, the scammer poses as that person in a Private Message.

They usually start off with a greeting, and then go into "Did you hear the great news?". Then, once you take an interest, they tell you something like "I applied for a grant and was approved! I got my check for $50,000!" or something along those lines. Then, they direct you to the "agent" who helped them apply.

First of all, don't fall for it. Second of all, if scammers are still trying this method, it must be working for them.

Anyhoot, Ali Roberts shared her experience on Facebook and the method by which she is able to rattle the scammer enough to get them to block her!

She concocted a story that involves accusing the scammer of owing her money, and executes the story flawlessly!

Way to go, Ali!

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