Good Eats Kitchen has announced that they have closed its doors to the Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations this week.
The ready-to-eat meal service served its last customers on Friday, May 6, 2022.

The owner Boyer Derise said that while they are closing the Good Eats Kitchen it is not goodbye for good. They are ready to focus on another business venture, Bayou Carlin Oyster Co.

The Bayou Carlin Oyster Co is a direct-to-market grilled oyster kit that is in nearly 100 retail stores across the region.

Unfortunately, things got challenging with the start of the pandemic and Good Eats Kitchen was having a hard time overcoming those obstacles.

“From a financial perspective, it’s been a challenge ever since,” he said. “There’s no individual factor that led to the decision, other than – to be frank – the financial stuff. We’re caught in this weird chicken and the egg dynamic. We need a bigger kitchen to scale our business, and we need to scale our business to get a bigger kitchen.”- Boyer Derise

Now that the tough decision has been made to close God Eats Kitchens doors Derise said he can now focus on growing his grilled oyster business.

Derise said, “Bayou Carlin has done really well but is still held back because I don’t have the bandwidth to go promote that business. There’s nothing like it in the retail space. My vision is for Bayou Carlin is to become a very large regional retail brand.”

While we don't like to see local businesses closing their doors hopefully this situation turns out to be a good one for everyone involved.

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