The Corgi that you see above is named Churro. He is my daughter's dog and he is about as cute of a pup as he can be. In my limited time of getting to know Churro, I can say this about him. He is as friendly as the day is long. He lives to play. And, he can run like the wind.

Now if you're not familiar with the Corgi breed, they are not large animals. In fact, they are built very low to the ground. Their low center of gravity makes cutting and turning on a dime easy for them. This is a nice attribute since the breed first gained popularity because of its herding ability.

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Staff Photo

It's not uncommon to see these little pups moving a massive herd of sheep, goats, chickens, or ducks from one place to another with unbridled enthusiasm. I would imagine there are a lot of jobs you could acquire a Corgi to do. However, racing would not be one of those jobs that would come instantly springing to mind.

But believe it or not, Corgi racing is a thing.

Now as you watch this video you will notice that running in a straight line is not one of this particular group of Corgi's attributes. Watch right at the very start of the video the pup in lane two makes a sharp left turn and heads for the infield instead of the finish line.

The other pups eventually make their way down the track much to the delight of the crowd on hand. Would I pay to watch Corgi racing, probably. Would I bet on Corgi racing? Absolutely not, that would be like betting on preseason football.

Here are some of the other races that were on the card. Oh, by the way, they showed all of this on ESPN. Yeah, the World Wide Leader opted for Corgi Racing. I am guessing the Aussie Rules Football season is in winter break or something.

This certainly looks like a lot of fun. And I am sure that each of these pups was met with some cold water and a warm hug following their outing. At least, let's hope that's what awaited them at the end of their short but furious sprint.

The only time my dogs run like that is when they hear the bathwater running. Hey, if that's your dog too, you might want to consider these helpful hints. .

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