Lindsay Lohan was once the hottest starlet in Hollywood, with an enviable acting resume and hit records. Pop culture watchers know about her spectacular fall from grace, but she reminded us of her vocal charms when she belted out Stevie Nicks' 'Edge of Seventeen' at a friend's birthday bash in NYC.

La Lohan and the song have history -- she covered it on her second album, 'A Little More Personal (Raw),' and even sang it live at a major awards show.

LiLo drag the song and herself out of retirement on Tuesday (Feb. 11), and it was natural, cute and fun. It was sorta sad, too, since it reminded us of how she tainted her career with her variety of issues.

Remember when LiLo sang at the AMAs in 2005? She sang a mashup of her ballad 'Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)' and 'Edge of Seventeen.' She was a bit off-key for her ballad, but she bloomed more on Nicks' song.

See that "vintage" clip below.

Watch Lindsay Lohan Perform at the 2005 AMAs