Swifties gathered around their phones and computers today (June 13) at 5pm EST, eagerly awaiting Taylor Swift's Instagram Live session, and apparently one of those fans way Lindsay Lohan.

Though the point of the Live video was for Swift to announce the details about her seventh studio album, people couldn't help but get distracted by Lohan obsessively commenting during the announcement. After sending a simple heart eye emoji, the actress then wrote "We think you're great," but that wasn't all. She also told the pop star she should respond to her fans before randomly divulging that her mom was in Cats. And then, to make matters even weirder, LiLo decided to jump out of the Swift convo and start her own livestream, documenting some pretty intense violin players while she was at dinner and then a night of clubbing because, of course.

Her response caused quite the stir on social media, with a lot of people relating. "I’m Lindsay Lohan on Taylor’s livestream telling her to answer all her fans" one Swiftie tweeted, while another suggested the "ME!" singer collaborate with Lohan instead of her frenemy Katy Perry on the new album.

For the record, Swift's upcoming album is called Lover, the second single "You Need to Calm Down" drops in mere hours, the album is slated for an August 23 release, and we couldn't be more excited. But for now, let's bask in the glory that is Lindsay Lohan's thirsty comments and Swifties' reactions to them.

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