The Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette held their 42nd Bal Masque, "Apollo Goes to the Movies", at the Cajundome Convention Center last night, and I've got a list of my 10 favorite pics.

The ball featured movies including "It", Forrest Gump", "Hairspray", Beetlejuice", "Steel Magnolias", Star Wars and Trek, Spiderman, Mary Poppins and more.

For those who have never attended, the ball is formal, with the attendees dressed to the nines; Krewe members make up the entertainment, performing several dance numbers spaced between the presentation of costumes and royalty.

The costumes ranged from elegant to ornate, with all of them fitting into the categories of amazing and (to put it mildly) huge!

There were several costumes that I did NOT get pictures of last night, so this list isn't definitive to the all of the costumes at the ball: this list is just for the pictures I was able to snap.

Here's my pick of 10 from last night's ball:



  • 1

    Edward Scissorhands

    I like how the detail of this costume captured some of the features of the movie: the ice sculpture, the trimmed trees, the blades on his hands, and his clothing - very representative of the movie!

    Edward Scissorhands Photo by John Falcon
  • 2

    Forrest Gump

    A shrimp boat. On his head. Need I say more?

    Forrest Gump Photo by John Falcon
  • 3

    The Grinch

    The shoulder harness/headress sled was great (I would have had Max suspended from reins off of the front of the sled), but his actual facial makeup was amazing!

    Grinch Photo by John Falcon
  • 4

    Miss Kaplan

    Okay, so this isn't a picture from the production, but when I saw Nick (an actual Kaplan native) walking around wearing this sash, it made me belly laugh!

    Miss Kaplan 2018 Photo by John Falcon
  • 5

    Night at the Museum

    When I saw this T-Rex costume backstage, I was clueless as to which movie it was to represent (I have not seen "Night at the Museum"), but thought that it was a cool costume. (Sherman, Ball Co-Captain, rocked it!)

    Night at the Museum Photo by John Falcon
  • 6

    Building Services

    I took this picture from the stage on which the podium was located. You can see the podium on the left of the picture, along with the back of the round logo (you can see that his hand, and the mop, are in front of the logo). I don't think that the gentleman realized that he was right next to the podium (which showed up on the big screen between each costume shot). I can't wait to see the final video, as he'll have a cameo!

    Building Services Specialist Photo by John Falcon
  • 7

    The Crowd At The Apollo Ball

    This is just a shot of the crowd, but it gives good insight as to how many people are in the room. It also shows two of the costumes making their way around the convention center.

    Apollo Crowd Shot Photo by John Falcon
  • 8

    Spider Man

    I liked the Spider Man costume because the spiderweb on his headdress/shoulder harness thingy lit up!  I know that you can't tell from this still picture, but it was a nice touch to the costume.

    Spider Man Photo by John Falcon
  • 9

    Pennywise and JayCee

    Here's a great picture!  It's a picture of a clown standing next to Pennywise from the movie "It"!  Just kidding. That's me on the right. I like this picture because it really shows how much detail goes into making the costumes - I mean, just look at those teeth!! (The nightmares are free, btw.)

    Pennywise and JayCee Photo by John Falcon
  • 10

    The Emcee/DJ Crew

    This is our 5th year working together, and I have to say that Mike and Teri are some of the most professional DJs I've worked with. Teri and Ali take direction from the "booth" upstairs (Rebecca runs the whole show). Teri is responsible for playing the music and sound effects during the ball; Ali is responsible for keeping me on time/in order; I am the master of ceremonies (MC, emcee, whatever); and Mike plays the music for the party portion of the ball. I am very proud to work alongside these guys, and the whole crew that makes the ball possible, from the Apollo Krewe itself to the sound/lights people, the pyro geeks, the stage hands and the choreographers. It really takes a village to put on a ball of this magnitude, and I am proud to be a part of it!

    JayCee, Mike, Teri, Ali Photo by John Falcon