(KSAT)) A San Antonio teenager hit a golf ball at 88 mph at Topgolf as a thunderstorm approached, what happened to the golf ball is nothing shy of amazing.

While playing a few rounds of golf with family and friends at Topgolf, Tomas Gomez's fun was cut short as a thunderstorm approached. The sky blackened and rain and lightning were getting increasingly close. So Gomez decided to hit one more ball before calling it quits and heading home. What happened next, will probably be the most amazingly weird thing to happen to Thomas in his lifetime.

Thomas asked his friend to video the last shot of the day, using her cellphone. Thoma hit the golf ball at 88 mph, and in the blink of an eye, from the black clouds came a bolt of lightning that hit Gomez's ball in midair.

The bolt of lightning was so loud and so intense as it torpedoed the golf ball, all of the people in the outside area of Topgulf reacted, most were sent running for cover. Thomas, his friends and his family were in disbelief.

Topgolf evacuated everyone and no one was hurt.

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