While Augusta National has managed to scoop up hundreds of properties surrounding their famed golf course there's one home that they can't quite get.

Maybe I should rephrase my words because the home of The Masters has more than enough money to buy the modest family home (valued at around $330,000) but the issue remains the same because the family that occupies the home simply ain't sellin'.

That's a stance they've maintained for over 20 years since Augusta National began buying up homes and properties around the golf course in 1999. So far, the golf course has spent over $200 million to secure property bordering the iconic site where The Masters is held annually, but the owners at 1112 Stanley Drive will not budge.

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So, what's so special about the home? Well, for starters, the couple that owns the house built it in 1959. The 1,900-square-foot house has 3 bedrooms and sits on less than an acre of land.

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At one point, Herman and Elizabeth Thacker were surrounded by the buzz of an entire neighborhood. Now, they are the lone homeowners in the area, next to an adjacent public parking lot. Their former neighbors have long since moved away, cashing in on Augusta National's offers making most of them instant millionaires.

As for why the Thackers won't cash in like their former neighbor—they say "money ain't everything."

We don't wanna go.

While Herman says money isn't everything, it should be noted that the Thackers did own the property across the street until they sold it to the private club for $1.2 million many years ago.

Herman's brother had "the nicest home in town" and even he took the golf course up on their offer, pocking $3.6 million for all of his properties. But still, the house where the Thackers "raised two children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren" remains, and will for a long time as far as Herman is concerned.

The Thackers get visitors from time to time as the golf club is insanely popular come Masters time and they enjoy the company. One of their grandkids was so inspired by golf, that he fell in love with the sport and went pro. Scott Brown is a PGA tour member who has yet to qualify for the Masters but when he does, he'll definitely have a place to stay.

Because even though a rep from Augusta National continues to pop in from time to time with millions in hand, the Thackers remain firm in their stance.

He'll come by here every so often, and he'll say: 'Just want to let you know we're still interested in your property. And we'll tell him the same thing again.

If you ever go to The Masters, be sure to give the Thackers a wave when you pass by.

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