Either a classic late 20th century teen film dies a classic late 20th century teen film, or it lives long enough to see itself become a female-led reboot. The reason I’m making this labored metaphor is because that’s exactly what’s happening to License to Drive, a fun teen adventure flick from 1988 that’s about to be rebooted with a pair of female leads.

Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles (Girl Problems) are writing the new version of the script, according to The Hollywood Reporterin which two girls will decide to take their granddad’s wheels out for a joyride.

The original, which starred Coreys Haim, Feldman, and Heather Graham, was about a teen boy who fails his driver’s test and decides to go for a night out with his best friend and his crush, pinching his grandfather’s shiny 1972 Cadillac de Ville. It’s a wild film, though not exactly one that seems to have been begging for a reboot. But who knows, maybe a License to Drive led by a couple of gals would be a fun watch! And relatable too — I mean, who among us hasn’t failed their driver’s test, “borrowed” their granddad’s car, and driven their friends around while their crush is blackout drunk and hidden in the trunk?

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