Liam Hemsworth injured himself on the set of ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ over the weekend, setting filming back by a day while the star recovered.

The 24-year-old actor hurt his right ankle in Berlin last Friday, E! News reported. He was unable to play his role as Gale Hawthorne and unintentionally gave the rest of the production team the day off.

While there's no confirmation on what actually happened to cause the injury, It’s rumored that he kicked a Styrofoam stone dummy. Ouch! He was seen being taken for a follow-up appointment at a doctor today (May 27), where he must have received the go-ahead, because filming resumed today as well.

The ‘Mockingjay’ cast, including Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, has been seen filming around Western Europe over the last few weeks, posing in Capitol-friendly attire and battle-ready armor, and generally making us extremely anxious for it to be November already!

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