There's no shortage of great local talent in Acadiana. From Dustin Sonnier to MacKenzie Bourg, Sweet Cecilia to Lane Mack, there's local talent in almost every genre right here at home.

One of those local "talents" is asking for your help. Lane Mack, who wowed us on NBC's The Voice and The Showroom Sessions, is trying to finish up his EP. As he states in his post to GoFundMe, the recording is finished; he now needs help transferring those recordings to CD:

Hello all!
Im super excited to say that the recording process for my EP is finished! That means new music coming to your ear holes soon!!! That being said this SHITE is expensive! Im usually not keen on the go fund me things BUT! know that your dollars will not die in vain!

- This money will be used for the pressing process, to get hard copies of these cds straight to your hands and into your cd players!

- It will also be used to film the most excellent of excellent music videos!

Support for this project would mean the absolute world to me and I dont expect it to just fall into my hands for free, that why im offering some pretty sweet deals in return for your investment! So think of this as what it is, you purchasing a product that will help not only this one artist to create art but also the other musicians/ film makers/ photograhpers and graphic designers that I will be working with!

A most sincere thank you to all who have come to this page, and if your donate just know that it means the world to me! - Lane Mack, GoFundMe

You can help Lane finish up his EP by donating to his GoFundMe. $1, $5, heck, if you want to make up the difference to reach his goal, he'll take that, too!

We can't wait to hear Lane's new music!

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