A South Louisiana band with local ties coming out with a new album soon.

The band is based in Baton Rouge, but few of the members are from Lafayette. Sophia Brazda has been with the band since its inception (under the name of Group Therapy), and now the band goes by Karma and the Killjoys.

You might recognize the "Brazda" name: Sophia is the daughter of Scott Brazda of KATC TV3 and Suzanne Ferrara, a familiar face as well (formerly of KATC; she is now a freelance writer/reporter). I don't mention the parental units to suggest anything about Sophia's successes; she is where she is due to pure talent and determination.

I haven't had the opportunity to speak with Sophia yet, but a very proud father was happy to gush about his daughter's successes and the forthcoming album.

Scott gave me a little insight into how Sophia became so talented. "It's clearly in the genes," he said. "She gets it from me." All kidding aside (we know she gets it from her mother), Scott told me that Sophia had a knack for singing and performing at a young age, even singing at her kindergarten class talent show.

After that, Sophia got involved with local performance groups including CYT and worked hard at becoming better and better. Sophia is now a Junior at LSU (as are a few of her bandmates).

"Suzanne and I are very proud of Sophia, but the only credit we're due is trying to raise her the best we can." Well, Scott and Suzanne, it looks like you did a great job.

Of course, the band isn't all Sophia: Sydni Myers provides vocals, Rain Scott-Catoire provides vocals and keys, Michael Blount is on guitar, Matt Hawkins on bass, and Thomas Vercher on Drums.

The band just wrapped up recording several songs at the famed Dockside Studios in Maurice, and are set to record a few more to round out the album in the coming months.

The video for one of their new songs, "Amelia", is now on Youtube. The lyrics and the melody are Sophia's (she's the brunette in the video), and she says that the whole band contributed to composing the song and making it what it is "and did a kick-a&& job!"

I must warn you though: after I listened, it left me wanting more!

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