Terry Huval is making it official. On July 18th, the Lafayette Utilities System and Fiber Director retired after making his plans known in April of 2018.

“Terry has been an outstanding leader across LCG and the utilities and telecommunications industries," says Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux. "He has been an expert and steady hand at the helm of the utility system and helped blaze the trail for the telecommunications system that has earned global acclaim.”


According to officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette Utilities System and Fiber Director Terry Huval is retiring.

Huval has served the city of Lafayette for 23 years, and today he announced that he is leaving his post, saying it's a good time for him to make this move. He'll remain at the helm of LUS and LUS Fiber until sometime towards the end of the fiscal year, which is October 31.

The Director has been quoted as saying,

There's no better time than right now. Fiber is at the height of its success, and LUS is an industry leader in reliability and customer service. While it's never easy to say goodbye, I'm confidant in the strength of these companies, and more importantly, the strength of the people left to continue this good work. My personal plans have been to retire near the end of 2018. I am choosing ot make my retirement announcement now in order to provide adequate time to help Mayor Robideaux prepare for and implement the transition.

LUS Engineering & Power Supply Manager for LUS Jeff Stewart says,

Under Terry's leadership, the primary goal of LUS has always been the customer first. Even with the changing landscape of the utilities system and the need to continuously adapt to new technologies, LUS has always prided itself on keeping costs down, maintaining high reliability, and prioritizing customer service. Staying progressive in thinking, with successful ventures like launching LUS Fiber and rolling out a smart grid system, there can be challenges to maintaining high standards of service. Under Terry's guidance and demand for excellence, LUS has successfully accomplished its goals and stayed true to its purpose. As we move forward, LUS and LUS Fiber will continue to embrace that mindset and always make our customers the number one priority.










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