The Christmas holidays should be a special time for everyone, but especially the little ones. What better way to keep the magic of the season than a call to jolly ole St. Nick?

To help with this, LUS Fiber has launched its very own Santa Hotline.

For the first time ever, their hotline will give children and parents the opportunity to leave a message for Santa Claus during the Christmas season.

The number to call is 337-534-GIFT (337-534-4438). When children call it they'll hear a jolly message from Santa Claus and they can, in turn, leave a message for him sharing what they'd like for Christmas. They will also have the option to leave a message for Santa's reindeer.

How cute!

LUS Fiber
LUS Fiber

Parents will have the opportunity to help Santa with his naughty and nice list, sharing how their children behaved throughout the year.

“The holidays are always such a special time of year, and we’re thrilled to play a part in the magic of this season,” shares Ryan Meche, P.E., LUS Fiber Director.

The LUS Fiber Santa Hotline is open now through December 31 so start making your list and checking it twice.

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