There are certain things that make me angry when I am driving in Lafayette traffic.

I am not talking about the anger that induces road rage (for me, anyway), but they do make me pretty faché. Sometimes even to the point that I mouth the words "You idiot!" to no one in particular.

Whether it's people not following the rules of the road or just the design flaw of the intersection, here are some of the Lafayette traffic situations that make people here faché faché.

Lafayette Intersections That Drive Me Nuts

Don't take this the wrong way: I don't get road rage. I get slightly perturbed, but I'm not going to go ballistic just because you don't know how to use a roundabout. I might yell at you from the comfort of my enclosed vehicle, but it goes no further than that.

Speaking of roundabouts: here's a 2-minute refresher:


Thanks for reading my TED talk.

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