In a video RJAY! posted to Twitter, a driver in Lafayette can be seen throwing a golf club during a road rage incident.

The video was taken at the corner of Pinhook and Kaliste Saloom and, as you can see, a police officer pulls up right after the golf club is thrown. According to some of the comments in the thread, the two drivers had a honking match due to the driver of the red car coming close to colliding with the driver of the gold SUV. That honking match escalated into the driver of the gold car getting angry enough to throw a golf club at the driver of the red car. Here is part 2 of the video where it appears Karma steps in to complete the circle:

If an incident happens in traffic, please don't try to "handle" the situation on your own. If you find someone driving erratically or in a dangerous manner, call 911 and report the incident to police.

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