Lafayette Police introduced one of their newest officers to the public yesterday. In an event at the Petroleum Club, the department introduced Kane, the department's newest K9 Officer.

Kane, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois was purchased for the Lafayette Police Department by Lafayette Crime Stoppers. He was acquired for the department following a situation in which officers were delayed in tracking a suspect because they had to wait on the Lafayette Sheriffs Department to arrive on the scene with their K9 officer.

Kane and his handler Kevin McFarland have a very unique relationship. Not only do they spend 10 hours a day on patrol across the city. They also spend a lot of personal time with each other too.

McFarland and his four-legged partner communicate in a foreign language while on the job. Kane's commands are verbalized in Dutch. Foreign languages are commonly used in the training of K9 officers. However, when the two partners are off duty McFarland explained that Kane likes a lot of things every dog likes including take-out chicken and getting his belly rubbed.

Kane and McFarland have been training together for several months and have been serving as a team on the Lafayette Police force since April of this year.

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