If you missed the Lafayette Parish School System's meeting on their Online Academy last night, you can catch the replay of the meeting here.

For parents who wish to NOT send their kids back to school on August 17th you can now register your child for the Online Academy instruction.

Basically your child will be instructed by a teacher online, but the instructions will be pre-recorded. Thus, there will be no one-on-one instruction time between teachers and students.

In the event of a child needing assistance, the LPSS has built a lab in Lafayette for tutoring.

Parents have until August 3rd to register their kids for the Online Academy, which will include several hours of instruction each weekday.

Now, if your child is enrolled in the Online Academy but decides it isn't for he or she, they can return back to their base campus.

If you missed the meeting last night on YouTube, you can catch it below.


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