It's time to address this, again.

Like so many of you, I too am getting nervous when it comes time to travel through the city of Lafayette.

I have seen more and more people complain on social media about some people driving in Lafayette and now it's time to address a dangerous problem in this city.

For some reason, many who drive in Lafayette feel like they are above the law and that they do not have to obey basic traffic laws.

One law, in particular, is stopping at an intersection when the traffic signal is RED.

In recent weeks I have seen so many people blatantly drive through intersections while the light is red, without any regard for anyone else's safety. How arrogant must they be?

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It is past time that we slow down in Lafayette. The life that you may save may be your own or the life of someone innocently trying to get home to their own family.

For years people have talked about this problem in Lafayette, and it only appears to be getting worse.

I don't know if more people are distracted while behind the wheel of a vehicle or if people simply don't care if they injure someone else.

So, I remind you, when the traffic signal you are facing turns green give it a second and look both ways. And it's fine if the person behind you honks their horn for you to go, ignore them.

If you don't watch out for yourself while in Lafayette traffic. you may get seriously injured because of someone else's neglect to take your life and safety into consideration.

As you may be able to tell here, I too am tired of seeing people wreck in Lafayette and I am tired of those who feel entitled to drive through intersections while the traffic signal is red.

With that said, just slow down and obey the law. The three minutes you may have to wait at a red light in Lafayette may just save your life or someone else's life.


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