After the black militia group called the Not F****** Around Coalition (NFAC) made the announcement they are planning to march in Downtown Lafayette at Parc Sans Souci on Saturday, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory announced that he would hold a press briefing with other law enforcement officials on Wednesday.

In the press conference video below, Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber addresses the upcoming march and points out the constitutional right of the group to peacefully protest. He also says the group does have a permit from the City to protest.

Sheriff Garber also points out that carrying a firearm and wearing body armor in a gun-free zone is illegal. There are areas in Downtown Lafayette that are considered gun-free zones.

The NFAC says they are coming to Lafayette for two main reasons - the death of Trayford Pellerin and the comments made by U.S. Congressman Clay Higgins.

You can WATCH the press conference by CLICKING BELOW:

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