Congressman Clay Higgins is setting the record straight on a conversation between him and the leader of the NFAC.

Higgins released a statement clarifying that he never technically apologized for his previous statements during a call with Grandmaster Jay, the leader of the NFAC (Not F****** Around Coalition). The Louisiana Congressman also stated that the meeting that he agreed to was also called off after the NFAC leader published what he intended to be a private conversation on social media.

During the 20-minute clip, Higgins is heard agreeing to attend the NFAC march happening this Saturday in Downtown Lafayette and even extended an invite to Grandmaster Jay to meet in his home.

Although Higgins is heard saying that sometimes he is "wrong" he wants to be clear that those words were NOT an apology for comments that he previously posted about the NFAC on social media.

Sometimes I'm wrong. I've been wrong many times in my life. This is where leadership surfaces.

The Facebook post that was almost immediately taken down by the social media website stated that the NFAC should have their "affairs in order" and suggested that their visit to Lafayette would be a "one-way ticket" stating that he would "drop" members of the group given his background with SWAT.


Even though the phone call was never intended to go public, it seemed as if Higgins had extended an olive branch that would bring a peaceful resolution to the initial disagreement. Higgins says that "diplomatic gesture" is now canceled and when Grandmaster Jay posted their call (a call that Higgins intended to be private) to social media he, "burned the olive branch."

Here is the full statement via our media partners at KATC.

Media reports that I’ve issued an apology are false. In what was intended as a private communication, I extended a diplomatic gesture to Mr. Johnson and offered to meet with him in person. I was respectful and kind, humble, and unassuming. I offered a table of discussion. That’s what leaders do. Nowhere in that conversation did I apologize, nor do I have any intention to do so. I have nothing to apologize for. When Mr. Johnson published our conversation and mischaracterized its content, he violated a basic tenet of diplomatic trust. Mr. Johnson burned the olive branch. There will be no meeting. There will be no apology. It’s disappointing that media outlets would ignore my clearly established stance by repeating and headlining a summary lie. Secretly recording a private diplomatic outreach and publishing same, accompanied by a blatantly false summary, are not the actions of a man actually interested in advancing the cause of We, the People. That’s what Mr. Johnson did. I reached out in the interest of peace and reason. I offered a bridge of man to man communication. He burned that bridge.

Higgins did go on to say that while the two will not meet, he still recognizes the NFAC leader's right to peacefully protest.

As a Constitutionalist, I recognize Mr. Johnson’s group’s right to peaceably assemble. I have been unwavering in my support for 1st Amendment rights, and my record for support of 2nd Amendment freedoms is known nationwide. I do not believe Mr. Johnson’s assembly carries any violent intent. However, our stance remains clear. Lima Charlie. Lafayette is solid. Peaceful assembly will be allowed, as it should be. Violence, on the other hand, will not be tolerated.

See the original story and the phone call between Higgins and Grandmaster Jay here.

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