Just because most Mardi Gras events around Acadiana are cancelled today doesn't mean you won't find any floats randomly rolling around!

Lafayette couple Greg and Kelly Stansbury decided they were not going to sit idly by and let Mardi Gras them pass by without any fanfare.

Facebook/Amelite Landry
Facebook/Amelite Landry

The couple sprung into action today in the Bell/Orgeron Heights subdivision area in Lafayette to single-handedly make Mardi Gras happen, complete with a real float!

Now, for those who know Greg and Kelly Stansbury this will come as no surprise. The live-music loving couple routinely has live bands in their backyard for parties, which we think is awesome.

Watch as Stansbury's one-float-parade rolls through his Lafayette neighborhood making Mardi Gras happen.

His neighborhood Krewe even has throws y'all.

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