We all know the Rougarou is real, but if you've seen something walking around in Lafayette recently that made it feel a little too real, the good news is you were right. Or, I guess that would be bad news wouldn't it?

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries recently received a complaint call about a "large wolf like animal" being walked in front of a local elementary school. The caller told authorities that he was concerned for the safety of the school children, and that this "large wolf like animal" had already attacked someone in the neighborhood according to KATC.

That's right. It had already attacked someone in the neighborhood around the school according to the complaint.




OK, obviously that isn't a picture of the wolf. But, if I happened upon a big ole wolf in the streets of Lafayette, that's exactly what I would think I was seeing as I ran away...crying...a lot.

From KATC -

"LDWF says they investigated the complaint and found the couple to be in possession of what appeared to be a gray wolf. Agents obtained a search and seizure warrant for the animal in order to have its DNA analyzed and confirmed."

After testing, the DNA results confirmed that the animal was a gray wolf. It is against the law to own a gray wolf in Louisiana THANK THE LORD.

The Rougarou, I mean the gray wolf, has been ordered to be held at a K9 training facility "until the case is adjudicated" according to KATC.

The couple could face a fine of between $100 to $350 and possibly up to 60 days in jail.

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