In a dramatic video filmed in the Time Plaza parking lot in Lafayette, Congressman Clay Higgins chastises Governor John "Bel" Edwards for his efforts in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

In the video, Congressman Higgins says:

It's really difficult for some of us to just comprehend that you're doing what you're doing. This is. It's a serious economic impact, man. - Congressman Clay Higgins, Facebook

In the description of the video, Congressman Higgins compares protecting citizens from the coronavirus to burning down one's own home:

I most certainly oppose overly extreme measures dictated by Executive Gubernatorial proclamation that will 100% injure every Louisiana working class family and citizen. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would burn their home to the ground in order to kill termites. - Clay Higgins, Facebook

Congressman Higgins goes on to say that though he respects Governor Edwards, he feels that the governor is overstepping his boundaries by requiring businesses to limit their business hours or services to help mitigate the pandemic. He reminds the governor that "these people can make up their own minds. They're not stupid".

How do you feel about Congressman Higgins' take on the governor's actions? I am definitely torn over the situation: we want to limit the spread of the coronavirus, but we also don't want the business owners or employees to suffer from the lack of business. What could be done better? What's a better solution?

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