About once per month, you can check out some great vehicles at Lafayette Cars & Coffee.

Lafayette League of Exceptional Motorists hosts the get-together, which is aimed at providing an opportunity for vehicle enthusiasts to gather for coffee and conversation, all while checking out beautiful vehicles.

Lafayette's Cars & Coffee
Lafayette's Cars & Coffee


This month's Cars & Coffee will be held at Harold's Werkstatt at 106 Camille St. in  Lafayette on Saturday, February 13th beginning at 8am and running through 11am.

Some of Acadiana's best exotic cars, classic cars, and supercars (and 4x4s) can be found at Cars & Coffee, and it's open to the public with free admission.

The League of Exceptional Motoring is an auto enthusiasts club based in Lafayette Louisiana. The LEM is committed to providing an exceptional atmosphere while promoting the joy of auto ownership.


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