This is wild.

KLFY-TV reports that thieves hit a local car dealership and reportedly stole every catalytic converter from the cars on the lot.

The thieves hit a car dealership in Opelousas at the 1400 block of North Main Street.

City Marshal Paul Mouton told KLFY news that he and his team will be on the roads patrolling around other car dealerships in hopes of preventing other dealerships from being targeted.

The marshal says that he believes thieves are aware of the police shortage in the city, thus they know that they can away with what they want.

Marshal Mouton told KLFY-TV, “I want the public to know that I’m going to protect them with what I got. I don’t have much, but I will protect the public and the business people.”

We should note here that catalytic converter thieves have been targeting vehicles at homes and car dealerships. Sadly, the problem is not just in isolated areas.

Police say that you should report those you know attempting to sell these on the "black market".


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