Having to describe a "clunk" or a "click" or a "wobble" to a mechanic is one thing, but getting this precise is brilliant: who DOESN'T hear Ellen's voice as they read the description of the problem?
Dory speaking "Whale" might have been my favorite moment from a flight I once took with my significant other. You see, she isn't accustomed to listening to anything with headphones on. We were on a long flight with time for a movie, so she was watching "Finding Nemo" (with headphones, of course). Well, when you are wearing headphones, you aren't aware of how loud you are speaking (or laughing, in this instance). Just suffice it to say the whole airplane was laughing at the fact that she was laughing so uncontrollably.

I'm not a mechanic, but with this customer's description, I would know EXACTLY what to listen for.

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