It's that time of the year when kids freshen up for back-to-school.

Think back to your days in elementary or high school, when it came time to return to school you wanted to look and dress your best.

Sadly, some parents can't afford to get their kids the best shoes on the market prior to the school year, and some parents even struggle to get their kids haircuts before they return to the classroom.

Well, one local barber wants to give back to his community and he is offering free haircuts to kids prior to the school year.

Northern Souls Barbershop Prepares For Reopening After Coronavirus Lockdown
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Doremus Lee announced on social media that on August 7th he will offer up his hair-cutting services for free in the Northgate Mall.

The free haircuts for kids will begin at 7 am on the north side of Lafayette.

Look, even if parents can afford to get their kids a haircut, having this service helps financially because there are just so many costs that come with getting kids ready for the school year.

I'd encourage you to share this bit of good news with your friends and family on social media so that they too are aware of what Doremus is doing in Lafayette on August 7th.


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