You've probably heard me talk about LaHaye Total Eye Care, and I still recommend their expert care to anyone looking for new glasses, considering vision correction procedures or searching for a good eye doctor.

Dr. LaHaye and his team not only make all of my glasses, but they were able to diagnose me with a rare form of glaucoma after a scary incident several years ago. I essentially lost my vision in the middle of the basin bridge while I was driving to Baton Rouge. It slowly came back but when I got back into town, I went right to Dr. LaHaye. Dr. LaHaye continues to monitor the irregular pressure in my eyes caused by glaucoma. I visit him regularly for checkups and maintenance.

When it comes to vision correction, they have maintained FDA clearance for their own specialized procedure called LAHayeSIK; they actually spent years developing this next-generation procedure to make sure their clients are getting the best care possible. According to their website:

When compared at every level to traditional PRK and LASIK, LAHayeSIK™ is safer and quicker, has more predictable outcomes, reduces complications and significantly reduces the need to perform secondary re-treatments. It accomplishes this by performing the entire procedure in a more controlled, sterile and safer surgical environment than traditional LASIK.

When it comes to glasses, they have the area's biggest selection of frames from some of the biggest designers. So if you've been putting off having your eyes examined or would like to talk with a top doctor about vision correction, don't wait — visit or call 800-892-EYES (3937) today to schedule an appointment. You'll be happy you did!


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