Louisiana residents have a special place in our heart for those affected by hurricanes.  We help out our neighbors that share our particular magnetism with these destructive storms because we know exactly how helpless they can leave you.  With that in mind, an army of emergency crews and vehicles got east down and bound for Florida as soon as it became a relative certainty that the latest storm would hit our fellow southerners in the Sunshine State.

On Friday, a convoy 7 Louisiana ambulance teams, made up of 35 units and 80 medical personnel, hit the road for Florida.  According to WAFB, they arrived at the staging area yesterday morning, prepping for what could be a major disaster.

Dorian has quickly grown over the last week from an intense Tropical Storm into a massive and terrifying Category 5 Hurricane.  Perhaps the scariest part of Dorian's wrath is his unpredictability.  Right now, Floridians are hoping that the massive storm will sideswipe their state and move North along the coast.  The best case scenario would have the super-storm, with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour and gusts of over 220 miles per hour, tracking back east and disappearing over the Atlantic.

Officials are continuing to monitor the situation, and may ask for additional emergency and medical support.

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