I am all for the generous and proper use of sunscreen. Whether that sunscreen is applied on a child, an adult, a humanoid, or even a volleyball. Sunscreen helps protect our skin from the damaging effects of too much sun.

So, I don't really have a problem with soon to be signed legislation that allows children to bring sunscreen to school. That actually makes sense. The bringing sunscreen to school part that makes perfect sense. The fact that we needed legislation to make it possible, that's the part that escapes my limited brain.

Is legislating common sense really good for the populace? Have we gotten so stupid that we need the idiots in Baton Rouge, Washington, or any other place where people are elected to positions of power to think that much on our behalf?

Perhaps we should get our legislators to create the only lawful method of shampooing our hair. I know a lot of people who lather and rinse but in a fit of total anarchy do not repeat! There should be a law!

Common sense appears to be a major contributor to helping the human animal evolve into a smarter species. It is like a muscle,  you have to use it to make it stronger. Having our government think for us will make us weaker.

Do you need an example? How is that welfare and food stamps thing working out?

I am glad that overzealous gluten fearing mothers can slather little Phazer or PineScent (not actual children's names, at least I hope they aren't) with SPF 90 for their 15 minutes outside at school. I am glad those same children can soon reapply that sunblock as needed without fear of incarceration or a time out.

This piece of legislation while full of good intention is just a legislative farce to make "we the people" believe our elected officials have actually accomplished something on our behalf.


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