The 2011 movie "Weather Wars", filmed in Acadiana, is a drama sci-fi thriller about wild weather conditions that hit Washington D.C. A portion of the movie was filmed in Acadiana using locals as extras, local landmarks and even the KATC TV 3 News van and anchor.

KATC TV 3 News van with Washington D.C. license plate in movie "Weather Wars".

Deanna Webb

Letitia Walker..."we lent the van for a movie once- this must’ve been it."

"Weather Wars" stars Stacy Keach, Gary Grubbs, Jason London, Wes Brown and Erin Cahill.

Freak disasters bombard Washington D.C as Mother Nature unleashes her wrath on the city. Two sons of a climate scientist set out to figure out what's going on. One of the sons launches an investigation on his father as he suspects his dad has something to do with it.

After confirming the father is involved, the father hijacks radio and television signals to broadcast a political message.

Deanna Webb

David Moore..."No “K” stations east of the Mississippi."

Weather Wars is no cinematic masterpiece, but it sure is fun watching local people and scenes filmed around Acadiana including downtown Lafayette and the sugar cane processing plant in St. Martinville.

Terrell Alleman..."watched it last night. it was kind of cheesy for something made only 10 year ago but it was awesome seeing all the local landmarks and I was able to recognize nearly all of them."

Michelle Jeanmard..."My scene was filmed in the coliseum. I was the cop in the blue shirt."

Rose Hoffman Cormier..."I saw this! It was fun to find the different places in Lafayette!"

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