Many of us have watched in horror as events have unfolded in Kabul Afghanistan. There is a countless number of certified and verified news accounts of the atrocities that have befallen that city and that country as the United States military has begun pulling out of the war-torn nation. Perhaps you've seen this video.

I am sure you're thinking, Oh My God! Well, you might change your tune from OMG to more of a What The Football or some other word that begins with "F", that video wasn't taken in Kabul Afghanistan. It was taken in Texas.

That video was shot by reporter John Machota who was about as far away from Afghanistan as he could be on January 5th, 2019. You see the video is actually that of Dallas Cowboys fans rushing into Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas ahead of the Cowboys versus Seattle Seahawks game.

Here's John Machota's original video, look familiar?

It's things like this that cause people to distrust the people who bring the news of the day into our homes. It's not fair to reputable news outlets and while people love "to blame the media" the actual blame for the spread and dissemination of this kind of misinformation lies squarely on us.

Yes, we, the people who consume media on these disreputable content sites, and then dare to spread that information under false pretenses.

So, who are those most and least trusted media outlets?

glenn carsten-peters via
glenn carsten-peters via

This is where you have to do your part. You as a consumer of media have to utilize the same sense of responsibility that you would use in making a purchase. What is the Latin phrase we all learned from the Brady Bunch? Ah yes, caveat emptor.

Basically, that means, let the buyer beware. Or in the case of misguided media outlets, let the consumer beware. While I don't believe an honest and reputable media outlet would dare attempt to mislead an audience, I am aware of several not so reputable sites that would be happy to have you take their word as gospel and hope you don't take a few seconds to check the facts.

Now, just to be clear, there is a lot of footage of the carnage and chaos that is currently the way of life in Kabul. Our hopes and prayers are with American citizens who are still there attempting to get out of harm's way. We're also keeping a good thought for the citizens of Afghanistan who simply want to go on with their lives.

I guess this story will serve as a grave reminder to us all. Not everything you see, read, and hear on the Internet is what you think it is. That's why you should always check the facts and the sources and if something seems fishy, please don't share it but do report it to a media site you can trust.

I can promise you, those of us who do our best every day to tell the stories of what is happening in our world with a staunch obligation of truthful reporting would be honored to bury the bullsh***ers in their own fabricated feces.

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