St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux says that a juvenile has been arrested after a woman called in to complain that there were gunshots all through her home after she heard a bunch of noise.

In a press release St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says this shooting happened Thursday of last week at a home on Fontenot Road which he explains is near the town of Opelousas.

The woman told the detectives that she thought she heard gunfire then walked out of her bedroom to find there were gunshot holes all over her home.

Detectives started to investigate the case, and that's when they say video surveillance and witnesses clued them into a certain juvenile male suspect who they now alleged was the person responsible for shooting up the place.

There is more to this story though as Thibodeaux says they believe the motive for the young man to shoot up this house was some sort of fight with the homeowner's daughter the very day the house was shot up.

The young man facing these allegations is also facing three counts of Attempted Second-degree murder as there were several other people in the home at the time all of this happened. Thibodeaux says the was a 15-year-old person, a 17-year-old person, and a 35-year-old person inside the house at the time.


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