This Sunday is Cinco De Mayo!  The annual celebration of the Mexican Army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  It's also the day every year that Americans seize the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic culture of our friends to the south - even if we don't fully understand it!  In honor of this incredible but misunderstood holiday, Dutch cheese maker Dairy Daily has released another confusing (but strangely delicious sounding) celebratory food - Guacamole Cheese!  

The venerable curd cultivators have mixed an iconic flavor of Mexico with the very distinctive and smooth flavor of Gouda to create an instant hit for your boujee Cinco soirée.  Get ready to shed some cheddar for this rare treat, it's only available at the Fresh Market - and it isn't cheap.  According to Fox 4, the Amanti Guacamole cheese rings in at $24.99 per pound.

If you must have a few pounds of the too-Gouda-to-be-true cheese, get ready to drive.  The closest locations are:  Baton Rouge in Louisiana, and Hot Springs in Arkansas.  Make sure you're headed to the nearest store by checking the locations here.

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