Judice Inn owner Gerald Judice is setting the record straight over their buns.

After receiving several complaints and concerns, Judice Inn made a public post explaining why things may have seemed a bit "off" recently with their legendary burgers.

Restaurants like Judice Inn depend on numerous other businesses and services to deliver a quality product to consumers like us. If anything, this is a testament to the consistency of a quality product that they have delivered to locals since 1947.

This mixup over new buns wasn't the end of the world by any means, but it's still admirable to see how the Judice Inn owner personally handled the situation. It's also a testament to what makes local businesses so great; seeing a personal apology and a sincere appreciation of feedback (even though it wasn't the best) for those loyal customers—some who have enjoyed their burgers for generations.

Speaking of those loyal customers, the comments and feedback on Judice's Facebook post was flooded with positive comments from people showing their appreciation for Judice Inn and sharing stories, experiences, and warm memories from the famed Johnston Street burger joint.


It's also worth noting that after having issues with their long term distributor that Judice was thoughtful enough to give a shot to local bakeries to earn their business. Institutions like Judice Inn are a part of what makes our area unique and you don't even need to like their burgers to appreciate the type of hometown feel that comes from an owner giving out his own direct line in a genuine effort to continue to earn our business.

Thank you all for the positive comments! We have enjoyed serving Acadiana for the last 70 years and appreciate our loyal customers and friends! We want to earn your business every time you come in! Gerald

Now I'm hungry for a Judice Inn burger! (with the old buns, of course)

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