I saw something on Facebook today that stopped me in my scrolls.

One of my friends was chowing down on some sort of gourmet take on a spaghetti sandwich. Before we go any further, I need you to know that one of my favorite things in life is when local restaurants put their professional culinary touch on otherwise common household “struggle meals.” (grilled cheese, ramen, PB&J, etc.)


Upon further examination, I realized it was my friend Clélie who is actually due VERY soon (like, this weekend) and she got this amazing concoction from Scratch Farm Kitchen in Downtown Lafayette.

Ask any woman with children about her cravings during pregnancy and you’re sure to get a ton of interesting combinations, but on this day Clélie was craving a spaghetti sandwich and Scratch was there to deliver on what may have been her “last meal” before little man arrives.

I wished her luck and gave her thanks for helping me to discover this interesting combination—right here in my hometown no less.

To all my moms out there: what was the most unique or interesting craving you had during pregnancy? For all of my people who also love gourmet takes on “we got food at home” type meals, hit me in the comments with some of your favorite local takes.

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