There are places in Acadiana that people hold near and dear to their hearts. Places that have seen a few generations and have survived through good times and bad.

Judice Inn on Johnston Street is one of those places.

A landmark in Acadiana, Judice Inn has been the location of birthday celebrations, after-game meals, first dates, weekly dates and, I'm sure, a few last dates.

In operation since 1947, it has been THE most consistent burger place in all of Acadiana.

And now, they are having a special celebration this Saturday, April 2nd for their Diamond Anniversary: $1 burgers!

Built by hand by the Judice brothers (by flashlight, mostly in the evenings), it's been a family-run business since its inception.

Burgers, sodas, chips (no fries, chips!), and a variety of sandwiches - the menu has always been quite simple. Beer is available to go with your burger and they have ice cream to finish up your meal. The memories, of course, are free.

Judice Inn's 75th Celebration Menu for this Saturday features most items for only $1, but it's going to be on a pay-as-you-order basis (bring cash for best results), with no call-ins for the day.

You will be able to place orders to go, but only in person, as they will be way too busy to answer their phones. (Did we mention bringing cash for best results? Really: bring cash.)

Also, the menu will be limited, so don't go looking for any sandwiches other than their traditional, delicious burgers!

The restaurant will also be setting up tents outside for extra seating and they will have Lafayette Parish's finest there for traffic control. The deputies will even help you cross Johnston Street if you want to park at the theatre.

How long will the $1 menu last on Saturday? Well, the restaurant will open at 10 am, and they will sell only until they are sold out.

If you have never been to Judice Inn (are there any of you out there??), Saturday would be a great day to try one for the first time. You'll get a great bargain, and you'll also probably hear great "me and my grandparents used to come here all the time when I was a kid" stories!

Congratulations to Judice Inn for 75 years - let's hope for 75 more.

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