has reported that Nick, the youngest Jonas Brother, did an acoustic gig last week at the Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles.  He asked the crowd if he could do a few of his favorite songs currently out by other Artists, and just like any good JoBro fan, the crowd was in total approval. One of the songs he did was Lady Gaga's, 'The Edge of Glory'.  Lady Gaga saw the Youtube video while in Taiwan and tweeted, "Swoon!".

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas has just released as new album entitled, 'Fastlife', with the fist single being, 'See No More', a collaboration with Chris Brown.

Not long ago, my daughter and I were backstage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a Jonas Brothers Concert.  The point of being there was for my daughter to meet the JoBros, NOT ME.  I thought I would just be the Dad who secretly filmed the meeting.  I knew I wasn't supposed to have a video camera, but a parent will do anything for their children.

The video I've included in this story was shot on a hidden camera.  My intent was to stay at a distance and film my daughter meeting the Jonas Brothers.  Well it didn't quite go that way...because these young men were too NICE!  They went out of their way to greet me too.  The whole time, I'm thinking, "Don't be nice to me, I'm holding a camera that I should not be holding, secretly video taping you".  The large guy in video 2 inches from me is their bodyguard and toward the end of the video, you can almost see a glimpse of the JoBros' Dad.  I just knew we would get kicked out...but luckily, 'What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!'.  Check out this exclusive video.

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