LSU fans will love what Joe Burrow had to say in a recent interview.

For years now college football fans have debated who Joe Burrow belongs to, on the playing field that is.

If you're not aware of Burrow's story, he started his college football career at Ohio St. and then transferred to LSU to play for the Tigers after not getting the playing time he hoped for.

His success at LSU was monumental as he won a National Championship and Heisman Trophy while in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Still, some Ohio St. fans claimed Burrow as their own, even after all of his success at LSU.

Joe Burrow
Photos by Chris Graythen (L) & Hunter Martin(R)/Getty Images

So recently in an interview, the NFL quarterback made it clear that he played football for LSU, and that he went to school in Ohio. While being fair and balanced here, I doubt that this sat well with some Ohio St. football fans.

In any case, here's the former LSU great explaining his road to the NFL. Oh, one more thing, have you ever noticed that Burrow still wears the colors of LSU around his wrist while on the NFL football field?

Well, he does. So yeah, Joe Burrow is and will forever be LSU.

One more thing, if you need a quick tutorial on Burrow's love for LSU, check out this video, which never gets sold to LSU fans.

This was the last time he ran out of the tunnel at Tiger Stadium.


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