A few weeks ago at Dockside Studio in Maurice I had the honor of watching as Grammy award winner Jo-El Sonnier and some of his musician friends laid down tracks to the new updated version of "Healing Song", a song Jo-El wrote and recorded as a solo hit many year ago.

In light of all the recent tragedies in our community, state and country, Sonnier decided to remake the song using the likes of Grammy award winners Chubby Carrier and Wayne Toups along with Roddie Romero, Buckwheat Zydeco, Charlene Howard and more.  He also pulled in some of Louisiana's best musicians.

I walked into Dockside Studio with my friend Mr. David Faulk.  He wanted to take me upstairs to show me where B. B. King used to like to hang.  To get upstairs, one has to walk through the largest of several studios.  When we walked in, there was Grammy award winners Jo-El and Chubby, working out the ending to "Healing Song".  I paused, took out my phone and recorded a bit of this legendary union of talents.  After we toured upstairs, I took a seat next to the engineer and recorded more from the sound board area.

Mr. and Mrs. Sonnier have invited me back for a video that's being shot at Dockside this Wednesday.  The song itself should be out later this month as they are putting the finishing touches on production now.

Events like this reinforce my heritage and remind me why I remain 100% proud to be CAJUN!