Former New Orleans Saints Coach Jim Mora never disappoints.

The former coach of the Saints went off on a former player, Morten Anderson, after he Tweeted that Saints fans deserve better than what they're getting from this Saints team.

Well, Coach Mora didn't agree with that statement and he wasn't afraid to let his feelings be known while on television.

New York Jets v New Orleans Saints
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The outspoken TV personality now said that the players and coaches are working hard and that they are giving it their all, thus Saints don't deserve better.

Mora would then go on to question how a former kicker, who is in Atlanta now, could come to such a conclusion.

Those near Coach Mora after the game Thursday were visibly concerned about what he was saying and what he was about to say. Still, this is great television and pure entertainment from a New Orleans Saints legend.

Check out the rant from Coach Mora here and let us know if you agree or disagree with his take on the former Saints kicker.

By the way, the Saints were defeated by the Rams 30-22 on Thursday Night Football, and the game wasn't as close as the score may indicate.

Now, if you want to relive some great Jim Mora moments, how can anyone ever forget this one from back in the day?

Then there's this rant after a loss, with some NSFW language.


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