I've been posting links to my friend Jessica's blog for a while now, and each post leaves me with something to ponder.

One of the things that I love about Jess's blog is the fact that she is finally finding a way to get her "voice" out there.  Having cerebral palsy, communication has been an obstacle for her.  Now, with today's technology, she is finding that being heard is much easier.

Many of her blogs make me think about the subject at hand, but today's blog made me think deeper.  It made me realize some things that I take for granted.

I have lived with cerebral palsy for 35 years now, I have had ups and downs throughout my life when it comes to dealing with living with a disability.  I experience joy, sadness, anger, sickness, and small bouts of depression.  - Jessica Lormand

The reason she brings up depression: one of her friends (and extended family member) was suffering. In her blog, Jessica tells the story of Tarek "Roach"  Paul David II. Tarek had grown up like any "normal" kid, but as he became an adult, he was hit with debilitating diseases, leaving him in a wheelchair, dependent on others.

Jessica knows the feeling of having to depend on others for most every physical thing in her life. In her blog post, she was able to empathize with Tarek, and through her words, by touching on her own bouts of depression, she helps others get a glimpse into the lives of those dependent on others.

Without going into detail, we find out that Tarek took his own life.

In her blog, Jessica pays tribute to Tarek, sheds light on his probable struggles, and reminds anyone who is feeling low that there is hope, and that there are people who can help. She also shared inspirational music that helps her when she is feeling low.

If you are contemplating suicide, please know that there are people that care about you even when you don't think they do.  Family, friends, strangers.  We are all here stretching our hands ready to show you that you are beautiful and worth a lot more than you think.


If you need assistance, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

I know that Jess has a great heart, filled with love.  I hope she continues to share her blog with the world because, quite frankly, the world needs it.

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