Jessica's Year-End Blog Post
From stories about her vehicle to her kettlebell progress to her journey through the Bible, I hope you enjoy reading Jess's blog as much as I do!
Jess's Blog: Suicide Awareness
'He had grown up like any kid, but as he became an adult, he was hit with debilitating diseases, leaving him dependent upon others'. - Jessica Lormand
JayCee Receives A Valentine's Day Gift From Jessica
You've seen Jessica's Blog on our website, wherein she talks about her faith and her daily challenges. You've also seen the great Christmas cards she sends us!  Today, she sent a Valentine's Day present, and it's right up my alley (I LOVE BUBBLE WRAP...
Jessica's Blog Makes Me Think
My dream vacation, well, if I ever went on vacation again. I would want it to be a honeymoon. A girl can dream can’t she? - Jessica Lormand
Jessica's Blog: Classic TV And Movies
If you go back into the archives of her blogs, you find that she begins each with a quote from Scripture, and you'll be able to follow her progress as she reads through the whole Bible.