The title of Jessica's latest blog post stopped me short for a second: How can living with Cerebral Palsy be fun? After I read her post, and thought about it, I totally understand what she means.

Jess's posts have inspired me in the past, and this post reminded me of how much of an impact people in the media (radio, television, movies) can have on fans.

Here's what I realized while I read Jess's post: everyone has their own "normal". When we see someone who is wheelchair-bound, or has had a limb amputated, they are living their "normal". Jess's life is her normal. We may see it as being different, but only because it is different that what we are living. Granted, I realize that people have a transition period that they must go through before they settle in to their new normal, but it is now their normal, none-the-less.

I don't, by any means, want to diminish the struggle that anyone has to go through in their life, that is not what these statements are about; I know that many people's normal requires much more struggle or heartache or effort than my normal and, on the other hand, there are many people who do not struggle with theirs as much as I struggle with mine.

That's the thing about someone's normal: it's their own, and no one else will have that exact same experience.  Close? Yes. Exact? No.

Now, about the title of Jess's blog: "Living With Cerebral Palsy Can Be Fun". How can it be fun? Well, I believe that Jess means it in more ways than one. Jess still has fun times in her life, whether it be from times with her family (I am certain that Jess can tell you, as she has told me, stories about things that have happened to her and her family as a direct result of her Cerebral Palsy that still brings her to a belly laugh) or from enjoying television shows and movies.

The latest show that caught Jess's eye is "Speechless". It stars an actor Micah Fowler, who has Cerebral Palsy. The pilot had Jess in stitches:

"Speechless" has hit the nail on the head. I've never laughed so much in my entire life.  The show is such a breath of fresh air. I am learning to laugh again.  The show is also teaching me that not only do I have to adjust to some things, my family has to adjust as well." - Jessica Lormand

Jess, in her latest blog, goes on to talk about the note she sent to Micah, and the reply she received! I bet Micah's reply just made her day.

Again, it's time that I learn from Jessica's blog: I, sometimes, do not get to all of the notes sent my way. I try, but sometimes I don't get a chance (read: take the chance) to respond. I forget, sometimes, that there are listeners who look up to radio people, and Jessica's words are helping to remind me of the impact I can have on someone's life.

I promise, Jess, to try harder to reply to each and every email I receive from listeners, if you promise to continue blogging. And I hope that people keep reading your blogs, as each one brings us a little closer to understanding our brothers and sisters.