How Bout Them Cowboys?

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and his family are opening the doors to AT&T Stadium for high school seniors. Yes, the home of the Dallas Cowboys will open its doors to seniors graduating from high schools in the Arlington, Tx area.

The Arlington Independent School District announced that it will be holding its Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tx.

According to reports that I read, graduation ceremonies were originally going to be held at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College Park Center. However, officials were told ceremonies couldn’t be held indoors due to guidelines in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

I am assuming the Jones family will open the roof to the stadium and open the huge doors on each side of the stadium to allow the natural flow of air through the stadium. Thus, the stadium becomes an "outdoor" facility with natural air-flow.

Students and guests will be screened prior to entering and all will have to comply with guidelines in the stadium, like social distancing.

Look, you don't have to be a Dallas Cowboy fan to appreciate what the Jones family is doing for graduates here. We have seen so many GOOD stories during this pandemic, and here's another one.

Job well-done, Jones family!

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