Jerry will be Jerry!

This past Sunday the Dallas Cowboys traveled to play the Washington Football Team in a "heated" NFC East matchup and the Cowboys came prepared.

Prior to the rival matchup on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys had their own heated seats sent to FedEx Field after reports from a previous game came out suggesting the heated benches on the visitor's sideline malfunctioned.

The Seattle Seahawks played Washington last Monday night and they reported that the heated benches would go off and on throughout the game.

Well, when Jerry Jones got word of that he had a company ship custom benches to his opponent's stadium, with the COWBOYS logo on it.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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I told a friend, this is like you being invited to someone's house for dinner and you bring your own silverware and plates because their's isn't good enough.

Did the Cowboys violate a rule here, I don't think so, but the audacity to tell another NFL team that their stadium's equipment isn't good enough is so JERRY JONES!!

Keep in mind, this is the same NFL stadium that's had issues with its sewer system this year, so we know the stadium has issues.

Well, the Cowboys did go on to win the game, but now what do they do with these custom benches? After all, Dallas plays in an indoor stadium in Arlington, thus there's no need for them at home.

Perhaps they keep them and ship them to their next road game, pending that stadium's equipment isn't up to par.

Here's what Jerry had shipped to FedEx Stadium.


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