Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, already knew the sex of the baby she's pregnant with, but his two daughters from a previous marriage didn't — and, naturally, they wanted to. In a baseball-themed gender reveal shared with fans on Instagram, we all learn ... it's a girl!

Aldean's older daughters, Keeley and Kendyl — who, of course, are already big sisters to baby brother Memphis — both guessed "girl" when asked what they suspected their new sibling would be.

Jason Aldean Is a Hands-On Dad Even Before the Baby Is Born!


While younger sister Kendyl's rationalization for her guess was somewhat vague ("Because Memphis is a boy and I think you're having a girl this time), teenager Keeley actually gave a sound theory, noting that her stepmother has "been a little bit sicker with this one" this time around. As for little Memphis? As might be expected, he didn't seem to have much of an opinion when asked, just gave the camera a quizzical look.

The big moment came when Brittany tossed out a special baseball, which Keeley slammed with a bat, resulting in a cloud of pink dust filling the air.

The couple performed a similarly cute gender reveal for Keeley and Kendyl back when pregnant with Memphis, which consisted of the family popping giant balloons. When the pops set free a shower of blue confetti, the family all could confirm there was a boy on board!

The couple shared they were expecting again last month. Aldean and his wife have been open about the fact they used In Vitro Fertilization for both of their pregnancies. They opted for the procedure after they struggled for a year and a half to conceive Memphis, whom they welcomed in December of 2017. Upon deciding they wanted to continue adding to their family as soon as possible, they took the same route for their second child together.

While Jason and Brittany are busy considering baby names and getting ready for the new addition, they have another huge project on their hands. Just one day after revealing her pregnancy, Brittany shared with fans that she and Jason are selling their current residence and building their dream house on a piece of land in Tennessee, in order to accommodate their growing family for years to come.

See Pics of Jason and Brittany Aldean's Fairytale Mansion — It's for Sale:

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