Sometimes when everyone is looking right, looking left makes all the difference.

Gender reveal videos, birth announcements, wedding party photos, and more are all completely different ballgames in the age of social media. Everyone is trying to outdo each other for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame.

I'm not knocking it, I get it. Going viral for some over-the-top wedding photo or video is fun. However, thoughtful, understated versions of these life events many times make a much bigger impact.

Enter Lafayette's Brianne Lynn Barrilleaux.

Brianne Barrilleaux Via Instagram
Brianne Barrilleaux Via Instagram


Brianne Barrilleaux, a labor and delivery nurse at Our lady of Lourdes and mother of three, recently gave birth to her beautiful new bundle of joy and made the birth announcement to family and friends on social media.

However, Barrilleaux didn't just make a birth announcement, she made the announcement in one of the most unbelievably touching ways I think I've ever seen.

Before we get to that, let's take a quick look at a couple of Barrilleaux's pictures from her Instagram page so you can get an idea of the talent we're dealing with here.


See what I mean?

Brianne and Tyler didn't find out the sex of their recent child ahead of the birth, just as they had done with their previous two kids. So, when baby number three was born this past weekend, they were excited to announce the birth and gender to loved ones.

Simply posting a picture to social media saying "It's a Boy!" wasn't going to cut for the couple. That's just not how Brianne Lynn Barrilleaux rolls.

Did they go over the top with some crazy video?

Nope. Instead, Brianne looked left and posted a beautiful, simple, and precious birth announcement that she actually made while she was still in the hospital.

Simple, creative, and just flat-out classy.

Congratulations to Brianne and Tyler on the new edition to the family!

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